Which Plan Should I Choose?

Deciding on a hosting plan is the first step into hosting a website. It is often a tough decision because there are a lot of aspects to consider: How big is my website? How much traffic will I have? How much bandwidth do I need? Will my website out grow my choice? What do these things even mean?
We've structured our pricing and plans around encouraging your growth as an organization. Most of these questions you don't even have to worry about because you can always, at any time, upgrade your plan. At 123Host.me you only have to consider a few things when choosing a plan, and we'll help you through it.


The first thing is how much stuff are you hosting on your website. Websites are usually quite a bit smaller than people think. You're constantly trying to optomize your site for fast response, so the photos and media you'll be hosting are most likely a lot smaller than you think.

Our "I'm Getting Started" plan has 5 gigabytes of storage, that's plenty for a personal portfolio or blog. A small company or organization that's just getting started would also be a perfect fit for this plan.

"I'm On My Way" is built for those that hit the ground running. With 10 gigabytes of storage, you can fit twice as much website into this plan. "I'm On My Way" would be great for a photographer's portfolio who has a lot of photos to showcase, or an artist who wants to display their work.  

The "I'm Established" plan has 25 gigabytes of storage. This plan has been geared more towards organizations that have been around for a while who have a lot of photos and pages to share.

Then you'll want to think about how many visitors you'll get each month.

Website Traffic

Each of our plans has been optimized to handle a certain number of monthly visitors. You'll want to make sure you choose a plan that matches the amount of traffic your webiste is expected to get. This one is pretty tough to estimate, but geneally if you can follow the names of our plans.

If you're just getting started, our "I'm Getting Started" plan would be a good fit. If your organizations has been around for a while or you've got a lot to share, the "I'm Established" plan would be a good fit. If you're unsure about how much traffic your website will have feel free to reach out to our support team and we will help you choose the best one.

If you start going over any limits on your website we'll let you know that we're proud of you, but it's probably time to upgrade your plan. One of the biggest questions is, can my website handle peak traffic? We want to encourage our customer's websites to grow and expand in popularity.

Our limits aren't hard, and we won't take your website down if it get's too much action. We'll work with you to get your website upgraded to the plan it needs to succeed.

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